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Making Cheese at Home

Cows in a field

Welcome to a world where we take the wonderful milk that ladies like these make fresh every day and do something more exciting with it than add it to tea: we make our own homemade cheese!

With what can seem like magic, but is in fact just a few simple techniques, we can turn the glorious white stuff into an almost hedonistic range of cheeses.

Here at HomemadeCheese.org, our mission is simple: to help everyone discover the joy of making cheese.

You can discover tools and techniques whether you have never made cheese before or if you are looking to refine your craft. We have resources to help you find equipment, bloggers or even classes to improve your cheese making skills, and we also have our own cheese making kit so it's even easier to get started in your own home.​

If you want to know how the professionals do it, you can listen to the cheesemaker interviews on the site and see their facilities and cheese making in action.

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