Homemade Cheese Stuff 

This part of the site, as the name implies, has all the 'stuff' that is not about making your first or best cheese.

Cheese making kits are a great place to dip your toe in the water and discover how much fun cheese making at home is.

In this article, I review the best selling kits in the UK and USA and recommend the best one for you. 

beginners guide to cheese making kits

Homemade Cheese 'Stuff'

These articles are general interest for any cheese maker or cheese enthusiast.

This is your 'go to' page for the best places that I've found to get more information on the web about cheese making, including the biggest cheese kit suppliers in the UK, USA, NZ and AUS.

Goats cheeses on a drying shelf

The complete list (or is it...) of cheese making terms to help you cut through the jargon.

Goats cheeses on a drying shelf

This article is a fascinating insight to the origins and growth of cheese making over the past 5000 years!

Goats cheeses on a drying shelf

A comprehensive list of the companies offering cheese making courses across the UK. The article is a year old - so be sure to check prices.

Goats cheeses on a drying shelf

Cheesemaker Interviews

There are interviews with Dewlay Cheese who make Garstang Lancashire Cheese and the makers of Lincolnshire Poacher available here and here. I am trying to resurrect the audio for these (which got lost when I took over the site) but they both have a downloadable transcript which can be accessed from the pages themselves.