Homemade Mozzarella Cheese

By HomeCheeseAdam | Cheese Making Videos

Oct 14

How to Make Mozzarella

Now you’ve had a go at lemon cheese and read about milk and rennet, it’s time for you to make a quick and easy mozzarella cheese using vegetarian rennet tablets. The video above takes you through the process using a kit from Hops & Honey, which will leave you with a beautiful mozzarella cheese in just under an hour.The kit will provide everything you need except the milk. You’ll need 4 litres of full fat milk from the grocer. Regular milk works really well, you do not need to source some unhomogonised.

If you don’t want to buy the kit, then read about additional ingredients and using Google you’ll quickly be able to find your own supplies without too much hassle. You’ll need vegetarian rennet tablets, non-iodized salt and citric acid.

Once you’ve made the mozzarella, I’d love to see your pictures and read about your experience. Please get in touch and let me know how it went. You can also tweet me @homecheesejack if that’s easier.

Now it’s time for the final articles in the beginner section of homemadecheese.org. Have a read of the what is a starter culture, additional ingredients and essential equipment before rounding off with a go at a ‘proper’ soft cheese, from scratch.

As the best way to get started making cheese at home, especially a mozzarella, I recommend buying an inexpensive cheese making kit. I’ve rated the best available here – you’ll have made your first one within a week!