Practiced Cheese Maker

Practiced Cheese Maker

Improve your Cheese Making

Making cheese at home is a wonderfully fulfilling hobby, and one that we never master. If you’re ready to improve your cheese making, jump in here.In the list below, there are several articles which focus on improving the methods and techniques we use to make our cheese at home. The aim of this section is to build upon the skills we already have and increase the reliability of taste and texture of the cheese we produce.

What we’re also trying to do in this section is expand our horizons by introducing new concepts and demystifying processes of more complex cheese or cheesemaking, so that we feel confident to venture into new realms, like making a blue cheese, or a bloomy rind or simply just a new recipe with a different milk.

Please dip into the articles in any order that works for you and watch the relevant video for step-by-step guidance. As ever, if there are any terms you don’t recognise, please look them up in the language of cheese.

Finally, please let me know how you’re getting on. Contact me at or come and share your photos on my Google+ page.

Happy cheese making!

List of Cheese Making Articles

1) History of Cheese Making – Did you know that we’ve been doing this for 7000 years?
2) Cheese Brine – How to make, measure and use it
3) Cutting Cheese Curds Properly – The importance of uniformity
4) Healing, Scalding and Washing Curds – Second article looking at treatment of curds
5) Flocculation Method – Examining a more accurate way of setting your curds
6) Temperature Control – What you need for and how to achieve finesse
7) Secondary Cultures – What they are and when they are used
8) Cheese Smoking – How to smoke cheese at home authentically
9) Clean and Sanitary – Sanitary conditions are vital for great cheese, this shows you how